3 Fantastic Boston Nonprofit Campaigns You Can Support on Sixpence

By Brad Dell

Sixpence's company roots are in Boston, so we debuted our alpha iOS app with three campaigns to support Boston nonprofits. Below, read about the wondrous work of HomeStart, Boston Scores, and Fathers' Uplift, then help fund their missions. Through Sixpence, you can use debit and credit card purchase roundups to support up to five campaigns at once. "Spare change" will potentiate urban change. Let's unite Americans, students, and families by boosting these three selfless organizations.


HomeStart’s vision is to relieve Boston’s severe homeless dilemma by securing housing for those in positions of vulnerability and poverty. It serves those who are at risk of or in the midst of homelessness, including single parents and their children, veterans, persons with disabilities, and victims of domestic abuse. The nonprofit also helps with preventing housing loss, and with maintaining housing.

  • About 7,600 Bostoners are currently homeless. Annually, more than 15,000 Bostoners experience homelessness.
  • Local, state, and federal governments spend over $200 million annually to address Boston's homelessness.
  • HomeStart has housed more than 10,000 individuals, plus prevented almost 3,000 families from becoming homeless.
  • 95% of clients have not been evicted for non-payments on housing, four years later.

Boston Scores

Boston Scores equips students with academic engagement, job readiness, civic leadership skills, and healthy habits. The nonprofit combines the efforts of coaches and public school teachers to host afterschool soccer and enrichment programs for K-12 youth. The enrichment programs host poetry and civic leadership classes, plus college and employment preparation workshops for high schoolers. Boston Scores's volunteer coach-mentors lead soccer practices and the nonprofit provides transportation to weekly games against other public schools in the city.

  • Boston Scores impacts nearly 2,000 K-12 youth in Boston's public schools.
  • 98% of parents report greater interest in school by students involved in Boston Scores.
  • 89% of students in the program increased aerobic abilities. 82% began healthier diets.
  • 75% of Boston Scores students increased financial literacy. 70% scored “advanced” in reading for state testing.

Fathers' Uplift

Fathers' Uplift strives to tackle barriers that prevent fathers' engaged involvement in their children's lives, such as addiction, trauma, oppressive forces, and financial struggles. The organization invests service, love, and encouragement in fathers to help realize their potential as parents. The nonprofit actively promotes research and advocacy, plus provides stress-free environments for child-parent bonding, coaching, psycho-education, and support groups. Fathers' Uplift also aims to build an Outpatient Mental Health Center for Child, Paternal Health, and Male Engagement.

  • Kids without a father present in their lives are 4x as likely to live in poverty and 20x more likely to be incarcerated.
  • 400 fathers have been served by the program.
  • 75% of fathers in the program actively engaged with their children. 5% of fathers become coaches for the nonprofit.
  • 41 formerly incarcerated fathers in the program have not returned to prison, resulting in a $1,220,275 public saving.

Support Boston nonprofits! Sign up for our alpha today, then support these campaigns.

Sign up for our alpha by clicking a button below. We will then email a link to download the app. Next, create an account and attach a credit or debit card (secured by third-party handler, Plaid). Lastly, find the cause(s) you want to help on our app homepage's community map and click "support." Go about your day knowing that each purchase using your selected card rounds up to the nearest dollar, with the spare change funneling to the cause(s) you support.

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