Curious About School Fundraising? Ask Sixpence!

By Jake Sullivan

Need Resources for School Fundraising? Ask Sixpence!

Public education is one of the biggest values to a local community, even helping grow home and public recreation value.


Public education is one of the biggest values to a local community, even helping grow home and public recreation value. At Sixpence, we hope our partnerships with schools across the country can help educators thrive by assisting in the fundraising process. Here are some of the frequently asked questions you may have as a teacher or supporter:

  1. What is a Roundup Donation?: A roundup donation is created when a supporter registers a checking account and/or credit or debit card with their Sixpence accounts. Then, whenever the supporter uses the linked card, every purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount, and the difference is dispersed to the charity, or in this case school, of the supporter’s choice! Want to regulate your donation amounts? Sixpence offers a monthly donation cap accessible through your account!

  2. How does Sixpence apply to my school?: Sixpence is extremely useful for increasing the consistency and lifetime of donations to your cause. Whether it be monthly classroom supply costs, field trip funds, or textbook purchases, Sixpence is here to help you build towards your fundraising goals. 

  3. Do teachers or parents need to pay anything to use Sixpence?: Sixpence is completely free to download and register for! For every purchase a supporter makes on an account-linked card, Sixpence will donate the rounded up difference towards your school, with 5.5% of that difference going towards Sixpence and another 3.7% of the donation covering processing fees with Plaid, a secure payment service we partner with. 

  4. Are there any current offers I can take advantage of as a school official or teacher?: Yes! Sixpence is currently offering a waiver of our 5.5% fee for qualifying pilots. Click here to see if you qualify today!

  5. Where is Sixpence available?: Sixpence is currently open to users in the United States, and available on iOS, Android, and desktop! So no matter what device you’re using, supporting your local school is just a click away!

  6. What if I still have questions about school fundraising and roundups?: Check out our blog section here, we have a whole variety of pieces written about school fundraising! Or, visit the individual links below:
    A History of Roundups, School Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Sports Boosters

Curious about Sixpence? You can view the rest of our Frequently Asked Questions here. To see how much your school could fundraise through Sixpence, use our free estimate calculator here.

Happy fundraising!

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