How to (Actually) Fundraise on Social Media

Sure, every nonprofit, fundraising team, or volunteer who knows anything knows that they need to “fundraise” on social media. But how many actually raise funds from their social media efforts?

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Which Fictional Teacher Are You?

Teachers are awesome, and they're a core part of a lot of our favorite stories! Do you ever wonder what class you would be teaching if the world were a sitcom, science fiction, or fantasy setting and you were the all-knowing and benevolent teacher…

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School Fundraising Is Broken

50% If you're an educator or school administrator engaged in fundraising with product sales (think cookie dough and candy bars), that's how much of your funds raised go to the product in almost all cases. Don't take our word for it. The Parent…

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How to Use Sixpence to Raise More Money for Your Classroom

Classroom Fundraising: No More Buying Cookie Dough The average teacher spends $500 of their own income each year on classroom expenses such as books, supplies, technology, or even food and clothing for underprivileged students. Surprisingly, one in…

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