Sixpence's Hurricane Florence Relief Fundraiser

By Christopher Haylett

When Hurricane Florence ripped through the Carolinas, it left behind up to $50 billion of ruin. Moody’s Analytics ranks Hurricane Florence as one of the top ten costliest hurricanes in history.

The hurricane's havoc is already below the fold of most newspapers, but the recovery efforts will last many more months. After all, we're still paying for Hurricane Irma a year after it hit the United States.

Homes and businesses are burglarizedobliterated, and flooded — not everyone has flood insurance. Imagine the emotional toll of returning home only to find there is no home. Or that your pet is nowhere to be found. Or that your sole income business is looted hollow.

These are the realities for many on the east coast right now. We could all agree they could use a big break.

Sixpence is dedicated to healing communities across the United States. It has been painful for us to hear the stories of loss and grief. We are pleased to announce the official Sixpence relief campaign for those physically and emotionally harmed by Hurricane Florence.

***Where does the funding go? Then, a short profile of the nonprofit we are aiding.***

Thanks to our roundup model, donations steadily stream in for as long as the donor chooses, which translates to sustainable crowdfunding. Compare this to typical lump-sum fundraisers that have short bursts of funding that quickly fizzle out. The hurricane recovery could last months or even years, so a continuous flow of relief funds is ideal.

Help our American neighbors by signing up for our Alpha app, searching for "Hurricane Florence Relief" or locating the pin in the Carolinas on our Community Map, then hitting subscribe. Then, go about your day knowing each card purchase you make rounds up to the nearest dollar to support relief efforts.

Let's help people, together.


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