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By Sarah Taylor

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Sixpence allows users to create and support campaigns that use roundup crowdfunding to benefit causes that they care about. This blog is your master guide to using the Sixpence mobile or web app - it's really simple, we promise!

When you first use the app, you'll be walked through all of this as well. But just in case you miss anything or want to know what to expect, here you go!

1. Download the app (or signup online)

Sixpence App is available on the App Store, Android Store, and through our website.


2. Link your funding bank account

Sixpence uses bank-level encryption to track and withdraw your roundups through Plaid, an API that secures your information and protects your privacy.

Do you trust Venmo? (Hopefully the answer is yes!) We do, and they use Plaid as well. Linking your account is easy, secure, and only takes a quick minute.


3. Link the cards that you want to track roundups on

Once you’ve linked a funding bank account, link all of the cards that you want to track for roundups!

Sixpence keeps a sort of “digital balance” of roundups from the cards you’ve linked. Whenever your roundups reach at least $5, we withdraw from the bank account that you’ve designated as your “Funding Account”.

This way, you give small amounts little by little, but don’t literally get an individual transaction added on top of every purchase you make.


4. Select a campaign that you want to support

Now that you have added your funding method, you can begin searching for a campaign you would like to support.

If you already know who/what you want to support, you can search for a cause by either the name of the cause or the cause creator. 

Don't have something already in mind, but want to support a need with your daily purchases? You can also browse campaigns on either the community map or by using search bar.

A map with gold and teal icons serves as your home screen. These pins represent campaigns going on around the country. You can read more about the campaign when you click on the teal or gold icon. You can also see shared media to learn more about the campaigner.

Teal icons represent individual campaigns; those created by your friends, neighbors, and individuals funding a cause or need.

Gold icons represent organization's campaigns. These campaigns are typically tax-deductible and could include non-profits, churches, schools, or other organizations. You can choose to support the general fund for the organization or look at their more specific causes. Causes allow people or organizations to share very specific things they’re working to accomplish.


5. Click the support button

When you have found a cause or organization that you want to support, all you have to do is click the “Support” button.

At any time you can check your roundup totals by clicking on the three bars in the left hand corner of your screen and clicking on “Roundup Stats” in the menu that appears.

If your roundups ever get a bit out-of-control, coming out to more than you expected or feel you can afford, you can also set a monthly roundup cap at any time.


Bonus Content:

If you’re feeling inspired, you can always create your own campaign by clicking on the three bars in the upper left hand corner of the screen and clicking “Create Your Campaign.”

And that’s it! Simple, right?

Let us know what campaign you are supporting (or starting) on social or in the comments below!

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