Christian Financial Community Reimagined

The average American church tends to follow the Pareto Principle with their congregants' giving; roughly 20% of congregants provide 80% of funds. By emphasizing participation itself over dollar amounts given, we want to double financial…

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School Fundraising with Sixpence

Classrooms need more than just tables, chairs, and books. They need a variety of supplies, decor, and other items to create an environment that fosters learning and creativity. And, sometimes, learning best happens outside of the classroom on field…

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The Foolproof New Year's Resolution Solution

Do you resolve to be more generous in 2019? We at Sixpence admire that. The gift of giving not only helps others, but it helps you, too. It’s the perfect New Year's Resolution. Our own New Year's Resolution is to enable that generosity; to make it…

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Using the Sixpence Community Map to Crowdfund, No Matter Your Popularity

My first taste of community crowdfunding occurred while I was walking home from a pharmacy. As I walked out of the drug store's doors, I heard a woman’s voice shout from behind me, “Hey! How are you doing!?”

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