This Giving Tuesday, Give to the Givers

By Christopher Haylett

What better way is there to give this Giving Tuesday than to give to those who give? You can “pay it forward” to many others by supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping others — a domino effect. Here are some of our favorite nonprofit campaigns on the Sixpence roundup crowdfunding app.

Lung Transplant Foundation

This national foundation’s mission is to “give” more years to people with lung transplants. The sad reality is many people who get transplants eventually have their new lungs attacked by their own immune system — this is called organ rejection. The Lung Transplant Foundation funds research into the means of preventing or curing rejection so patients can tag on many years to their “second chance” at life.

Find The Lung Transplant Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina, on your Community Map.

Fathers’ Uplift

Speaking of second chances, Fathers’ Uplift strives to overcome the challenges that prevent fathers from being involved in their children’s lives, such as finances, trauma, imprisonment, and addiction. The nonprofit gives fathers the opportunity to bond more deeply with their kids through advocacy, stress-free environments, coaching, psycho-education, and support groups.

Find Fathers’ Uplift in Boston, Massachusetts, on your Community Map.

Hair To Stay

One of the painful emotional tolls in a cancer journey is hair loss due to chemotherapy. HairToStay is the only nonprofit dedicated to giving people with cancer the chance to keep their natural hair through a method called scalp cooling. To date, the organization has helped more than 600 people obtain scalp cooling treatment.

Find HairToStay in San Francisco, California, on your Community Map.


HomeStart helps people at threat of becoming homeless by providing assistance in the face of imminent eviction, delaying their evictions and helping these families to reorient their financial situations. Almost every single family assisted by HomeStart never faces eviction again. The nonprofit primarily assists single parents, veterans, persons with disabilities, and victims of domestic abuse. HomeStart helps people to keep the shelter they need to be safe, which is especially in the winter cold of Boston.

Find HomeStart in Boston, Massachusetts, on your Community Map.

Boston Scores

This nonprofit gives students resources and skills for academic success, job readiness, healthiness, and leadership potential. Boston Scores provides afterschool soccer and enrichment programs for K-12 public school youth. Enrichment programs include poetry and civic leadership workshops, and college and employment preparation courses.

Find Boston Scores in Boston, Massachusetts, on your Community Map.

How to use Sixpence for Giving Tuesday:

Download our iPhone app beta before Giving Tuesday and find the mentioned campaigns on our Community Map or by using the “Search Campaign” tab. Then, support a campaign with all of your daily card purchases, which we round up to the nearest dollar and funnel to the campaign(s) you support.

P.S. Can't decide which campaign to support for Giving Tuesday? Support them all! With Sixpence, you can support up to five campaigns at a time.

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