Fundraising tips

3 Easy Fundraising Tips for School Administrators

Setting up fundraising across a full school district can be a logistics nightmare. Everything from the planning to the execution takes time and resources away from your fellow administrators, teachers, and most importantly, parents! Here are 3…

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How to (Actually) Fundraise on Social Media

Sure, every nonprofit, fundraising team, or volunteer who knows anything knows that they need to “fundraise” on social media. But how many actually raise funds from their social media efforts?

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Fundraising as an Individual

Fundraising has a stereotype of being difficult, time-consuming, and minimally successful. Typically, fundraisers are associated with nonprofits, clubs, or schools but what if you, an individual, want to contribute to a cause that you are passionate…

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What to Do When No One Donates to Your Fundraiser

On Giving Tuesday, something is unlocked in people that makes them want to donate to fundraisers and crowdfunders. After filling bellies on Thanksgiving Thursday, snatching at luxuries on Black Friday, and spending ludicrous amounts on Cyber Monday,…

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5 Crowdfunding Psychology Traps (to Avoid)

Crowdfunding campaign not running so smoothly? You’d be surprised how effective small changes to your donor outreach strategy could be. Avoid harming your campaign by understanding crowdfunding psychology: which trigger words, strategies, and…

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Small Change Can Lead to Real Change

The Irony of Futility Thinking We live in a world where medical treatments can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nearly half of humanity lives on less than $2.50 a day. There are 22.5 million refugees. The problems are colossal, and so are the…

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