Crowdfunding tips

Fundraising as an Individual

Fundraising has a stereotype of being difficult, time-consuming, and minimally successful. Typically, fundraisers are associated with nonprofits, clubs, or schools but what if you, an individual, want to contribute to a cause that you are passionate…

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What to Do When No One Donates to Your Fundraiser

On Giving Tuesday, something is unlocked in people that makes them want to donate to fundraisers and crowdfunders. After filling bellies on Thanksgiving Thursday, snatching at luxuries on Black Friday, and spending ludicrous amounts on Cyber Monday,…

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Don't Lose Giving Tuesday Donors

The Struggle of Retaining Giving Tuesday Donors

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15 Creative Crowdfunding Ideas That Set Your Fundraiser Apart From the Rest

Popcorn sales, restaurant sponsorships, auctions, and garage sales. How do you stand out from the funding pack? What can you do that’s unique enough to catch the interest of people outside your social circle, even people who couldn’t care less about…

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5 Crowdfunding Psychology Traps (to Avoid)

Crowdfunding campaign not running so smoothly? You’d be surprised how effective small changes to your donor outreach strategy could be. Avoid harming your campaign by understanding crowdfunding psychology: which trigger words, strategies, and…

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