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    15 Creative Crowdfunding Ideas That Set Your Fundraiser Apart From the Rest

    Popcorn sales, restaurant sponsorships, auctions, and garage sales. How do you stand out from the funding pack? What can you do that’s unique enough to catch the interest of people outside your social circle, even people who couldn’t care less about…

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    How It All Began

    The Story Begins

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    5 Crowdfunding Psychology Traps (to Avoid)

    Crowdfunding campaign not running so smoothly? You’d be surprised how effective small changes to your donor outreach strategy could be. Avoid harming your campaign by understanding crowdfunding psychology: which trigger words, strategies, and…

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    Are You Making One of These 5 Mission Trip Crowdfunding Mistakes?

    When embedded in the church community for decades, you see both wise practices and critical errors in mission trip crowdfunding. Below, Sixpence staffmember Brad Dell discusses five common yet easily avoidable mistakes.

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    Content Creators: How to Avoid Algorithms’ Financial Consequences

    With the ever-changing fluctuation of the Facebook algorithm and YouTube demonetization policies, the two sites are becoming foreboding atmospheres for users trying to create internet-based careers.

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    Small Change Can Lead to Real Change

    The Irony of Futility Thinking We live in a world where medical treatments can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nearly half of humanity lives on less than $2.50 a day. There are 22.5 million refugees. The problems are colossal, and so are the…

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    How to Use Sixpence to Raise More Money for Your Classroom

    Classroom Fundraising: No More Buying Cookie Dough The average teacher spends $500 of their own income each year on classroom expenses such as books, supplies, technology, or even food and clothing for underprivileged students. Surprisingly, one in…

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